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Complaints Procedure – ETS Consulting Limited

ETS Consulting Ltd operates in accordance with and adherence to the Recruitment & Employment Confederations code of good recruitment practice. The REC code of good recruitment practice ensures that all members of the REC conduct their business ethically and to the highest standards. ETS Consulting Ltd is committed to establishing and maintaining the highest standard of internal and external complaints and dispute resolution procedures.

Making a Complaint

All internal and external complaints are to be referred to the Company Secretary. Complaints must be made in writing and directed to:
The Company Secretary
ETS Consulting Ltd, 380 Chester Road, Manchester, M16 9EA.
A complaint must be made within 6 months of the incident complained about taking place.

Investigating a Complaint

The Company Secretary will make all reasonable and necessary efforts to resolve the complaint. A complaint will not be investigated solely by the Company Secretary, if the Company Secretary is involved in the subject matter of the complaint. If this is the case the complaint will be investigated by all nominated Complaints Contact Persons.
The Company Secretary must have the complainant’s written authority to access any and all documents and records of information (including computer systems) as may be necessary to properly investigate the complaint. ETS Consulting Ltd will keep such data concerning the complaint in such form as the Company Secretary thinks fit which will enable analysis according to:
a) type of complainant;
b) subject of complaint;
c) outcome of complaint;
d) timeliness of response.
Subject to legal constraints including constraints as to defamation and confidentiality, ETS Consulting Ltd will make available data collected in respect of complaints to the REC.

Written Response to Complaints

The Company Secretary will give a written response to a complaint and will issue reasons for reaching a particular decision on the complaint that adequately addressed the issues that were raised in the complaint. Where practicable the Company Secretary will refer to applicable provisions in legislation, codes, standards or procedures.


Complaints will be responded to in writing within 20 working days, from the date the complaint was received, unless the complaint is otherwise resolved in the meantime. If the Company Secretary cannot respond to the complaint within 20 days, the Company Secretary must inform the complainant of the reasons for delay.
ETS Consulting Ltd will have substantially responded to the complaint if the Company Secretary has:
a) accepted the complaint and, if appropriate, offers redress; or
b) offers redress without accepting the complaint; or
c) rejects the complaint.


Where the Company Secretary accepts the complaint and is of the view that it appropriate to offer redress, that redress may be non-financial as well as, or instead of, financial. If the Company Secretary considers a financial remedy is appropriate, compensation will be given to the complainant for any direct cost or damage caused by the Company’s breach of the REC’s code of good recruitment practice and other relevant codes of conduct, concepts of fairness and relevant industry best practice.
If the Company Secretary cannot resolve the complaint, the complainant is to be referred to the REC and advised of the REC’s complaints procedure:
Complaint to be made in writing to:
Complaints Officer
Recruitment & Employment Confederation Ltd
15 Welbeck Street
London, W1G 9XT
The Company Secretary will await advice from the REC’s Complaints Officer who will act in accordance with the REC’s Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.




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